Sunday, December 13, 2015

one of the greatest moments in life

one of the greatest moments in life... is when you're talking to the boss saying you're fucking quitting the job.

You appreciated the offer, you respected what you do, yet you worked  hard, but things didnt just work out and you saw the boss' getting cold on you, how he's losing faith in you, and finally you were abandoned, yet for some reasons, he did not mention words of "firing",he was probably for you to bring it up,  but you could now see his fucking porker face for all time.

You might have chosen to ignore all these and worked as nothing happend as you believed that something good would happen soon, as long as you stick to the job, you were hanging,  hanging so hard till now. 

On the end of the day, you asked the boss to sit down for a talk, and you guys didn't talk for quite a white and then he said what? He seemed busy with something and quite impatient, he's surely impatient for any shit you were going to say now.

There's a long time pause as you're arranging your words, you got a little excited too for what you were about say. 

Now the boss' waiting for you to start it. 

Thinking of leaving for job which you had been on for years, you were mostlikely on tears as you could not just help it, and you grabbed the tissues and wiped them away.

After a minute or two, you finally managed to speak:" boss I quit." There's 3 seconds of silence, " fine" , replied the boss, briefly.

That's the moment you felt the greatest pleasure of life.

All these expectations that you had been trying to living up to, they no longer bother,  all these sorrows, all these shames you take in for yourself, they are gone.

Stepping out the company gate door, Now you're breathing the air and you're feeling this free.

Tomorrow will be another day and  it will be uncertain, but this is what gets you excited.

And the only thing you care now, is" I am done here! I am fucking done here"

Friday, November 13, 2015

You buy the stuff or you fuck off --Angry Salesman

There are times when salesman gets angry!!~~

Sometimes you have to run before you can walk----personally i like the saying.

There are times people would request a sample shower to test the market, they make the budgets, refine their plans everything, but things barely work out.

As years go by, my patience's worn out as a salesman and I would say to the client now in the tone of" You buy the stuff or you fuck off". And I deeply know that they are people coming and going and they're only to fuck your time. 

Here's the man requesting a sample shower again, see how I respond, i don't care if it's rude or arrogant or anything, but that's what I think now. 

Hi, Mick:

Thank you very much for the reply.

Frankly, I dont favor that sample option, it is kind of wasting of time.

I advise you start with 100 pcs of showers or a little bit more to fill up a 20 ft container.

You will get best prices for everything, costs, ocean shipping,,everything...

And when you have them, you sell them to the local store, whether 2 or 5pcs.. It will be 100 times more convincing/easier now than simply showing one sample bike to them and asking whether they would buy some when you're having them in real.

I am in the bike business for over 10 years, I know how the sample case end up, well, in most case.

It's not about the popularity of the bike or the quality, it's about their determination to carry the things through the end.

Taking like 100 pcs as the start, so there's no turning back, so you might figure out a way to business.....if you win, you win big, if lose, what will you lose? ??

Secondly for us, we are a professional bike manfacturer and we build the showers strictly to the specification.

We have this client in USA who has been with us for over 7 year, you talk to him, then you know what we're doing.

Think it again and let's start over.